My mission? To use the most sustainable, eco-friendly products possible. My challenge, at least one of the many? Dishwasher tabs. I don’t know about you, but paying an arm and a leg for 20 dishwasher tabs filled with ingredients that no normal human can pronounce does not make me feel very good. I mean, it is the very thing we are washing our dishes in, so one could argue at least somewhat, we consume it. (If you think this is not the case then why wouldn’t you wash your dishes in toilet water?) And what’s up with the tabs that have the dissolving plastic, do we even really want to know? True, you could spend even more money and purchase dishwasher detergent from companies like Seventh Generation or Ecover, but I’d rather make mine instead. They work great and you know exactly what is in them! Not to mention you can add ingredients that will be aromatically pleasing to you, the possibilities are endless! In my house, they are referred to as “kryptonite”. Could it be due to their amazing powers, able to cut through the food grime left behind by small hands or the strangely odd rock hard texture that magically dissolves? I don’t know, but one thing is for certain, I sure do love them!

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